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Weight gain[ edit ] In her early twenties she met a man whom she married.

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The couple eventually had a son. Bradford found herself staying home with their son and cooking a lot. Her weight continued to accelerate uncontrollably, as did her appetite.

She eventually tried several diets and joined Weight Watchers with little success. She remained immobile for eight years.

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She measured at 1, pounds  kg in January Inshe became so depressed and frustrated that she attempted to commit suicide with painkillersalthough, due to her weight, these only made her sleep for a couple of days. Simmons then contacted Bradford fogyás auburndale fl spoke to her at length.

After a year she had dropped pounds  kg.

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Eventually she got some more outside help from a physiotherapist and soon her weight dropped to pounds  kga total weight loss of pounds  kg. Bradford persisted with her weight-loss plan and eventually reduced her weight to pounds  kgclaiming a total weight loss of pounds  kg.

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Death[ edit ] Rosalie Bradford died on November 29, at a hospital in Lakeland [2] near her Auburndale, Florida home. She was 63 years old, and was survived by her husband Bob Bradford and son Robbie.

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