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Two forms, in two different speech varieties, are "cognate" if within both of the varieties they have an unbroken history of descent from a common ancestral form.

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Forms believed to be related by borrowing or by accidental similarity are thus not treated as cognate. In a small number of cases it is difficult to distinguish cognates from borrowing or accidental similarities, and this is when they are treated as "doubtfully cognate". This lack of mathematical "transitivity" is the major reason why our complex method of describing cognation is needed. CCN How It Is Used Special class for versenyautó-sofőrök lefogynak the source of the list did not contain a form for the given meaning.

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Accordingly form cards under CCN usually do not list any form, and where a form is listed in 13 instancesit is not considered an appropriate one. The largest actual CCN in this range turns out to be Some of these classes contain only one form. The first 84 lists appear in the same order used in the Indoeuropean classification in Appendices 1 and 5 and Figure 1 of the monograph.

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These 84 are followed by the remaining 11 lists, which were not used in the monograph as noted earlier. For each list the following information is given, as explained further below. Classification, i.

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List Name. This is the name used to identify the list in these files.

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Multi slim kommenti the first 84 lists, it is the same name that was used in the monograph. For the remaining 11 lists, it is the Original Name.

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Original Name, i. Meanings, i. The list numbers Multi slim kommenti were assigned sequentially to the lists in their present order, based on the classification.

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They also appear on the form cards in the data in Section 5, but redundantly along with the list name. The original numbers O and original names are those used on the original handwritten lists and punched cards.


Since these do not seem to have been used in any publication relating to the data, they are of importance only if it is necessary to relate the current version of the data to its original form. If any reason should be found to do so, it is possible to restore the original list numbers and names to columns 7 to 24 of the form cards in Section 5.

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Legjobb comb zsírégetés is only necessary to replace L and List Name in these columns by the corresponding O and Original Name from the following table. It can serve as a crude measure of how well the speech variety was documented. The 'meanings' column is the maximum number of meanings for which forms could be compared, but this number itself did not enter into any calculations.

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