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The programme pauses at midnight for the Chimes of Big Ben transzzsír égetése fireworks display. The first male contestants will appear on the programme from 5 January. The broadcaster issued a "Derry glossary" ahead of the start of the series in order to help viewers understand some of the lingo used by the characters.

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The final score is —0. Phillip Schofield returns to present alongside Holly Willoughby. The opening episode is well received by television critics, but attracts criticism from some social workers because of what they perceive as the programme's negative portrayal of their profession.

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The new studio includes a virtual space to allow for segments away from the desk area, along with the weather. During the programme, Trump tells Morgan that he "wouldn't call himself" a feminist, and would take a different approach to Brexit than that of British Prime Minister Theresa May. Cole says that the decision over his departure was made by the BBC and not himself.

He subsequently states his intention to continue participating in the series.

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